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Trauma Informed, Whole-Person, & Holistic Approach

Individual Psychotherapy

These are individual sessions designed to assist you in navigating your own personal stressors and mental health concerns.


Brainspotting is a form of focused mindfulness, it allows us to process trauma and many other mental health concerns from a body based approach. This technique does not require you to re-tell your trauma instead we focus on your current somatic experiences as you think about the struggles you are having, in doing this we access the subcortical part of your brain where these experiences are often still stored. This technique often creates quicker healing and lasting change.

Couples Psychotherapy

These sessions involve you and your partner together working through relationship concerns, parenting concerns, etc. I utilize  DBT techniques, and an attachment theory lens for these sessions.


EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing utilizes bilateral stimulation to help you release stored traumas or process through other mental health concerns. This process is more structured in nature, with phases of treatment. You can choose to have auditory, visual, tactile, or a combination of those bilateral stimulations. This process does require some re-telling but can be done with somatic experiences as well. Again, this technique allows for sometimes quicker healing and lasting change.

Group Psychotherapy

Currently, I am not running any groups. I do have experience in working with groups and may offer group therapy in the future, when I have the space to accommodate that.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy


This form of therapy will be done in an intensive style with sessions lasting from 2-8 hours depending on the medicine utilized. We will be utilizing psychedelic medicines to assist you in reaching a higher state of consciousness where you will then be able draw new connections and process through traumatic experiences from a different perspective. These sessions will also have integrative follow-ups to ensure complete processing. 

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